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Martus Ministries
Martus Ministries
Contact Person:
Jason Sturgeon -
Ministry associates:
Ministry target(s):  Adults - Median, Teenagers, Children, Family, Men's Ministries
Web site: http://www.martusministries.com
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Martus Ministries
Martus Ministries is about the Joy of Sowing- a principle found all over scripture. Jesus spoke a lot of it, as well as Paul, and I can do no better than the word of God, for it is my only power. As I travel and teach, I find that I can run ministry two ways. First, I can teach for the harvest. What I would do there is try and woo people into making a decision. And a decision is what it is, a decision that may change when they get up in the morning. I find much compromise in this first strategy. Not to mention, it is not the example that Jesus gave us to follow. The second possibility I have is to find a joy in sowing. An example of this is found in Genesis 24 where Abraham's servant is sent out to find a bride for Isaac. He approaches the city and prays that God would bring him to those who would hear. Rebekah comes and the servant merely shows the riches of the father and the beauty of the son, and Rebekah responds. A large part of properly sowing the seed is to exegete two things properly. First, and most important, is to properly expose God's word. The second, which cannot be downplayed, is to properly exegete the culture. We can be biblical without being relevant, and we can be relevant without being biblical. The key to reaching this generation is to do both properly. I work hard to put myself under the obedience of God through prayer, study, and accountability in order to be a usable vessel in which God can show me how to properly understand the word and the culture.
Work Phone: 9032693613
Cell Phone: 9032178146
Email: jason@martusministries.com
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