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Testimonials From Current EMG Members
"As believers, we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. I believe that bonding together in agreement with other believers allows us to not only make a statement about who we are, but it also allows us to hold each other accountable to the standards by which the very foundations of our ministries are based upon. That is what the Endorsed Ministry Guide has become for me. If we all adhere to certain standards and identify ourselves by that, then people come to expect a level of ministry synonymous with those standards. To be a part of something like EMG is to say 'I stand behind these brothers, and they stand behind me'." -Justin Cofield, Worship Leader
"Endorsed Ministry Guide has already been such a blessing to me. Not only has it helped to improve my ministry, it has also put my name out there so others can know about what I do. I have already received several speaking opportunities in the little time I have been a member. I highly recommend this site. Keep up the great work EMG!" -Jason Sturgeon, Communicator with Martus Ministries
"I’m humbled by the awesome responsibility of finding and booking communicators, worship leaders and other artists for many Christian youth events in the state of Texas. I take this task very seriously because I recognize the influence these personalities have on our students throughout the state. Honestly, in the past it has been difficult to branch out away from the ministries I already know and trust, but serving on the review board of the EMG has helped me discover some quality ministries that I would have never known about otherwise. I know I can trust their endorsements and it really helps me narrow down the seemingly endless field of potential ministries from which to choose. The EMG has helped me do my job more effectively and I’m proud to serve with such a great ministry organization." –Leighton Flowers, Youth Evangelism Director for the Baptist General Convention of Texas [EMG Review Board Member]
"I was excited to find Endorsed Ministry Guide, and impressed with their process of checking out those they represent. To know that this ministry cares and endorses those who are passionately following God and live in integrity means alot. I trust them, and it is clear they also trust those they represent. I know that God's hand is on this ministry, and I'm pleased to be a part of the team." -Jennifer Devlin, Speaker and Author

If you are a ministry seeking endorsement and want more information, watch this video.

If you are an event planner or decision maker seeking ministries and want to learn more, watch this video.


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