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What does it mean to be a Ministry of Integrity
and endorsed by the EMG?

All members of the EMG have...

  1. completed our application process.
  2. been evaluated personally by a member of the EMG Review Board.
  3. undergone a series of reference checks.
  4. been approved in three areas of integrity, which include:
Giftedness : Is this a ministry/minister of excellence? Are they good at what they do?
Doctrinal Soundness : Do they teach/promote sound doctrine according to the Statement of Faith adopted by the EMG?
Manageability : Are they easy to work with? Do they represent a Christ-like attitude in their dealings with others? What do others say about them?

NOTE: The EMG does not use any type of rating system. A ministry is either approved or denied based upon individual recommendations from our trust worthy EMG board members . However, once a ministry is approved we provide a section on the profile page for individuals to leave evaluative comments. All negative critiques will be kept private to protect our members from unfair criticisms or site crashers who only seek to do damage to the ministries represented on this site. However, in the rare case where numerous negative critiques are generated the EMG reserves the right to re-evaluate a member's standing and if necessary revoke their endorsement.


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