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Ministry Promotion

How can I allow others to know what my ministry has to offer? What promotion opportunities are available to my ministry?

Becoming an endorsed member of the Endorsed Ministry Guide not only provides your ministry exposure to the event planners and ministers who makeup the EMG Review Board, but it will put you in front of thousands of potential ministry partners across the entire country.

The EMG's goal is to promote its database at numerous Christian conferences, conventions, and meetings where event planners and other potential ministry partners might gather across the nation. It is estimated that EMG's Web site will be advertised to over 45,000 potential partners in ministry each and every year. You will immediately increase your visibility and your ministry's impact.

Is it wrong to promote yourself? If so, how do I get the word out about what my ministry has to offer? If not, then how do I do it without seeming self-serving or prideful? How do I balance my desire to trust God with the command to work hard when it comes to promotion of my ministry?

Some teach that any type of promotion shows a lack of faith in God's provision, while others say, "God helps those who help themselves." It is the desire of EMG to provide a healthy balance between these two extremes by providing honest evaluations and unbiased endorsements for each ministry's long-term effectiveness and growth.

Remember that the EMG is not a talent agency. We are an association of like-minded Christians who seek to provide unbiased endorsements, ministry guidance and accountability. The EMG's reputation for being the best source for unbiased recommendations will be protected at all cost, thus our methods of promotion will be done with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

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