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Ministry Mediation

What do I do when a church or event planner doesn't provide what they promised? How do I confront another minister? How do I reconcile a disputable matter without getting involved in a legal battle? How can I protect my own integrity while handling financial and legal issues that may arise?

While EMG is not a management organization, agency, or law firm, we do offer pastoral mediation for disputes between our members and others they encounter. Hopefully, the need for an experienced unbiased mediator doesn't arise, but if it does, EMG is here to provide counsel in order to protect your integrity, your ministry and your relationships with other ministers.

Unfortunately, all ministries must deal with disputes. Conflict is inevitable if you continually interact with others, but you can be prepared for it. A dispute can ruin your reputation and compromise your integrity if handled poorly. Having an experienced, level-headed, unbiased mediator there to assist you can literally save your ministry.

Suppose an event planner tells you that he will send you an honorarium of X amount of dollars following an event, but he ends up sending you only a small portion of that amount? Right away you are put in an awkward position because you are forced to confront this individual or live with the budget shortfall. If after making every attempt to reconcile the situation it still remains unresolved, then EMG will be there to assist you with advice and, if needed, even mediation.*

EMG can help you in conflict but more importantly it can help you avoid conflict altogether. Members of the EMG will gain access to our large database of resources and links with advice in handling difficult matters and finding ways in which to avoid pit-falls in ministry. Our membership requirements are high, but once you are accepted you will gain the support of a large network of ministers who stand with you even in the hard times. Don't walk the path alone. Remember, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto!

*Note: Mediation assistance is limited to twice annually and the EMG reserves the right to refuse services for any reason deemed necessary. Further mediation assistance can be obtained through the EMG for additional fees.

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