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Ministry Endorsement

How can I establish ministry creditability? How do I recommend my services without appearing self-serving or prideful?

By allowing a respected, unbiased endorsement board to evaluate and recommend your ministry creditability is immediately established. Word of mouth has been proven to be the best method getting the word out about your ministry. A recommendation from a well-known, established and respected source, like the EMG, will provide your ministry the creditability you need to get started.

It is easy to get endorsements from close friends and relatives, but an unbiased recommendation from a known, trusted and established organization is not. EMG is not in the business of selling meaningless endorsements. Membership with the EMG is not something taken lightly and can only be obtained by completing our extensive application process and by maintaining our high integrity and quality standards. But, if you work hard to meet and maintain these high standards we promise to work even harder to make sure everyone we know is made aware of what you have to offer in ministry. It is our passion for quality ministries of integrity to reach their full potential.

Members of the EMG will be able to place this official EMG membership banner logo on their own site adding the credibility that visitors will easily recognize and appreciate. This logo will directly link to the members EMG profile for easy access to the EMG endorsement.

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