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EMG Review Board Members
Member Name Ministry Details Web site Email Endorsements
Sam Swann Baptist Convention of New Mexico View Details On Sam Swann Visit Web site of Sam Swann Email Sam Swann View Endorsements By Sam Swann
Leighton Flowers Baptist General Convention of Texas View Details On Leighton Flowers Visit Web site of Leighton Flowers Email Leighton Flowers View Endorsements By Leighton Flowers
Jeff Chambers Chambers Ministry Group View Details On Jeff Chambers Visit Web site of Jeff Chambers Email Jeff Chambers View Endorsements By Jeff Chambers
Jeff Berry Crosswind Ministries View Details On Jeff Berry Visit Web site of Jeff Berry Email Jeff Berry View Endorsements By Jeff Berry
Dave Edwards Dave Edwards Productions View Details On Dave Edwards Visit Web site of Dave Edwards Email Dave Edwards View Endorsements By Dave Edwards
Jeffery Forrester Forrester Development View Details On Jeffery Forrester Visit Web site of Jeffery Forrester Email Jeffery Forrester View Endorsements By Jeffery Forrester
Bobby Thompson Grace Baptist View Details On Bobby Thompson Visit Web site of Bobby Thompson Email Bobby Thompson View Endorsements By Bobby Thompson
Rob Hammond Grace Baptist Church View Details On Rob Hammond Visit Web site of Rob Hammond Email Rob Hammond View Endorsements By Rob Hammond
Tony Wolfenbarger Grace Baptist Church View Details On Tony Wolfenbarger Visit Web site of Tony Wolfenbarger Email Tony Wolfenbarger View Endorsements By Tony Wolfenbarger
Dwayne Oxner Hot Hearts View Details On Dwayne Oxner Visit Web site of Dwayne Oxner Email Dwayne Oxner View Endorsements By Dwayne Oxner
Kimberly Hartwell International Network of Children's Ministry View Details On Kimberly Hartwell Visit Web site of Kimberly Hartwell Email Kimberly Hartwell View Endorsements By Kimberly Hartwell
Lance Shumake iWitness Ministries View Details On Lance Shumake Visit Web site of Lance Shumake Email Lance Shumake View Endorsements By Lance Shumake
Kevin Ridgeway Living Illusions View Details On Kevin Ridgeway Visit Web site of Kevin Ridgeway Email Kevin Ridgeway View Endorsements By Kevin Ridgeway
Kenneth Priest Metro Ministers Association View Details On Kenneth Priest Visit Web site of Kenneth Priest Email Kenneth Priest View Endorsements By Kenneth Priest
Chad Childress North American Mission Board View Details On Chad Childress Visit Web site of Chad Childress Email Chad Childress View Endorsements By Chad Childress
Barry St. Clair Reach-Out Youth Solutions View Details On Barry St. Clair Visit Web site of Barry St. Clair Email Barry St. Clair View Endorsements By Barry St. Clair
Steve Pennington Saddleback Church View Details On Steve Pennington Visit Web site of Steve Pennington Email Steve Pennington View Endorsements By Steve Pennington
Dow Warner Sons of Salvation View Details On Dow Warner Visit Web site of Dow Warner Email Dow Warner View Endorsements By Dow Warner
Norman Flowers Student Evangelism - North American Mission Board View Details On Norman Flowers Visit Web site of Norman Flowers Email Norman Flowers View Endorsements By Norman Flowers
Kent Shingleton Tennessee Baptist Convention View Details On Kent Shingleton Visit Web site of Kent Shingleton Email Kent Shingleton View Endorsements By Kent Shingleton
Ken Sapp www.CreativeYouthIdeas.com View Details On Ken Sapp Visit Web site of Ken Sapp Email Ken Sapp View Endorsements By Ken Sapp


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