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The EMG Review Board

The Review Board of the Endorsed Ministry Guide is made up of ministers, event planners, and recognized professionals. They have agreed to provide their evaluative comments, recommendations and constructive critiques of ministers and ministry organizations for the purpose of promoting, protecting and preserving quality ministry relationships. All board members have expressed their personal agreement with the EMG statement of faith and high quality standards. They are recognized as experienced, respected and accomplished Christian leaders in their field of service.

To apply for membership of the endorsement board please click here.

To recommend someone for consideration to this board please click here.

There is no cost for board membership, but the EMG does maintain high standards of integrity for each and every board member.

NOTE: Members of the EMG Review Board act independently of each other and thus do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by others on the board or by the EMG as a whole. The Review Board is not a governing or authoritative body over the EMG staff. Conversely, the board members are not legally, financially or contractually bound to the EMG in any way unless expressly agreed in writing by both parties. The EMG reserves the right to remove any board member without notice or provocation at any time.



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