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Ministry Accountability

How do I remain accountable in my ministry? What pit-falls should I be aware of in ministry? Can I avoid becoming another statistic? How can I get honest unbiased evaluations of my ministry so that I can improve? How can I find out what people saying about my ministry?

Unfortunately so many ministers fall away from their calling due to a lack of accountability. EMG seeks to provide the resources and opportunities for healthy accountable relationships and continual constructive evaluations to promote a long-lasting ministry. The EMG provides accountability through various means:

1. MINISTRY EVALUATIONS: Statistics show that ministries with strong evaluation procedures are far more likely to experience long-term growth, but few ministries have any type of effective evaluation process in place. Most ministers simply rely on what people say to them, but typically people are only telling you what they like about your ministry. They are often too embarrassed or intimidated to give constructive criticism; that is unless you provide them a safe and objective platform. The EMG provides that platform!

As an EMG member you will have access to an easy to use evaluation procedure by which you can simply submit your ministry contacts and our EMG staff will acquire an unbiased evaluation of your ministry from each contact person you submit. For example, suppose you are a worship leader who just finished leading a group at a weekend retreat and you want to know what they really think about your ministry. You want to improve and grow in your ministry but feel it is just too awkward to ask such sensitive questions or feel they wouldn’t be completely honest with you. As a member of the EMG you could simply go to the member’s resource page, click on "Send Evaluation Form" and enter the contact’s name and email address. Our staff would send an email to this contact person(s) asking for an honest evaluation of your ministry. Since they are being contacted by an unbiased third party they are more likely to give a full and honest evaluation. Once collected, this information helps you know what you are doing well and what you may need to improve upon. This information is very valuable to the life and longevity of any ministry.

2. MINISTRY REVIEWS: In the ministry profile section we provide opportunity for honest reviews of each member's ministry. This will allow you to see and even respond to what objective credible sources are saying about your ministry. Don't worry; negative critiques will not be posted publicly. This is done to protect our members from unfair criticisms or site crashers who only seek to do damage to the ministries represented on this site. Negative critiques will be kept private and handled with discretion. However, numerous negative accusations and critiques will be reviewed by our staff and the EMG reserves the right to suspend or terminate our endorsement for any reason deemed necessary. That is what makes you "accountable" as a member of the EMG.

3. MINISTRY RESOURCES: All of our members will also gain access to our database of resources including articles written by experienced ministry veterans and the latest tools to assist you in staying on that cutting edge in ministry.

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